35. Grant funding

35.1 Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

During the year under review, SAHPRA received an in-kind donation from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF). There is an in principle agreement in place between SAHPRA and the BMGF to financially support the “Backlog Reduction Project”. The support is specifically for:

Providing ongoing backlog clearance project management support in the development to the official launch of the project and harmonisation of ‘business as usual’ with backlog processes.

Recruitment, management and payment of international evaluators to support backlog clearance programme.

Development of guidelines and procedures.

The maximum benefit for the period under review amounts to R15,3 million (2021: R19,9 million).

Refer to note 22 for more information regarding the Backlog reduction project expenditure and note 18 for the services in-kind note

35.2 Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – NDoH)

During the arior years , SAHPRA received a grant from the NDoH-Center for Disease Control and Prevention partnership (NDoH-CDC). NDoH-CDC Cooperative Agreement will provide R27 million towards SAHPRA’s Backlog Clearance.

Programme for the specific purpose of clearing applications related to HIV and TB drugs including DTG and TLD as first priorities. The benefit for the period under review amounts to R nil (2021: R2,1 million).

35.3 The African Union Development Agency – New Partnership for Africa’s Development (Auda-Nepad)

SAHPRA received a grant from Auda-Nepad to complement and support activities implemented in the AU-3S Target Countries towards strengthening of Safety Monitoring Systems for COVID-19 Vaccines. Refer to note 18 for the grant realised.

35.4 Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI)

CHAI has committed to support SAHPRA with necessary funding to ensure that SAHPRA can licence local pharmaceutical manufactures to produce and export their products globally but ensuring that these products are safe and efficacious.

Refer to Note 4 for amount invoiced for the project.

CHAI has also funded SAHPRA through CSIR to assist SAHPRA with data analytics and analyse healthcare professionals’ COVID-19 vaccination data generated through the Sisonke project and data that will be generated from subsequent vaccination rounds, all of it captured through the Vigilance Hub.

Refer to note 18 for the service in-kind note showing benefit received.

35.5 Global fund

The NDoH has through Global Fund resolved to fund SAHPRA to speedup the finalisation of the backlog of the registration of all applications for health products, ensure access to medicines to the public and to ensure effective medicine regulation in the Republic.

Refer to note 20 for for breakdown of grant received and note 10 for unspent grant.